9-5 Alarms randomly

Recently the neighbours didn’t have a good night sleep as my 9-5 was screaming for attention. The alarm system (SAAB 50 39 086) went of randomly. I noticed this myself too. So i decided to fix this problem. At first i just removed the alarm module from under the left front wing/fender. Just take off the wheel, remove the plastics and you will see the bugger hanging tight on two 10mm nuts, see Fixing Saab 9-5 Security System Problems -EricTheCarGuy

We are going to replace:
C1 – 10μF 50v
C2 – 220μF 10v
C4 – 330μF 25v
BT1 – Sanyo CR17335 (3volt)
BT2 – Sanyo CR17335 (3volt)

Just follow the slide show…

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