9-5 #MaintenanceMadness

Preparing for a little journey to Nordics I thought that some preventative maintenance was a smart thing to do. As the 9-5 was running very hot during normal “flat land” driving conditions i was a little reluctant to drive up in the mountains.

At least the OpenSID lets me read the real values of the engine coolant, shown as “Teng”. The indicator on the dials value 85-115 degrees Celsius as normal. So exactly in the middle of the gauge thus not precise enough.


This was already bugging me for a while so I decided to het this sorted. I also noticed that a newer style radiator was fitted, by the pre-previous owner. As this isn’t according the the specs I reverted to the default Nissens 68000A type radiator. Also I took care of the other maintenance items too. So I replaced the following;

Radiator (Nissens 68000a)
Thermostat (89 degrees Celsius)
Spark plugs (SAAB branded NGK BCPR7ES-11)
Fuel filter
Oil filter
Air intake filter
Interior filter (original SAAB part 12758726, as aftermarket didn’t fit properly)
Engine coolant
Engine oil 5W30 (Original SAAB part 93165211)


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