9-5, road worthy again

Today we started early on my newest addition to the collection. The 9-5, it’s the 2.3t SE version, made it’s first meters on it’s own again.

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The previous owner showed me the latest invoices on the recent investments in this car. The clutch has been replaced (bonus!) and the oil sump has been lowered to check the dreaded black engine sludge problem as Saab issued a technical service bulletin (No. 210-1991). Working our way under the hood we noticed that the MOD6 / PCV fix (according to tsb210-2417ed4 en) has already been applied. Also the evidence found in the sump made us aware of the car’s engine condition.

Now the real work starts! Serge and I have replaced the turbo, Garrett GT1752, for a GT1752 without excessive play on the turbine (exhaust side) of the turbo. Actually talking of some axial/radial play is really underestimating the problem. The compressor (air intake) side was completely stuck and the turbine side was beyond repair/refurbishing, suggesting that the shaft has been broken.

Figuring out (and peeking at Serge’s – Trionic 7 engine/Garrett GT1752 turbo- 9-3 2.0T) for the connectivity of the various turbo pipes and hoses wasn’t that difficult. Also the EPC (Electronic parts Catalogue) and the WIS (Workshop information System) are really handy “tools” while working our elbows into the grease and working out the actual auxiliary belt routing.


Next item was the exhaust. The mid-pipe and the end pipe needed replacement. So I figured out that the best option is the BSR system, made in Sweden. Connecting this exhaust to the catalytic converter was easy-peasy. Also the other pipes are perfect fit so the actually exhaust plumping quickly done.


So those things are done, what next?

  • Turbo bolts are fastened? Check!
  • Exhaust bolts and suspension rubbers fastened? Check!
  • Topped the cooland level? Check!
  • Filled up the engine oil? Check!

So with this in place we unplugged the black Direct Ignition cassette from the wiring loom. No trying to start will at least pump some oil throught the already greasy turbo pipes and it will flow the coolant along too. First few rounds sounded fairly good, no oil leakage or coolant splashing in the air. This is working out fine! So we plugged in the connector to the DI cassette again and fired the engine. Hurray, we got sparks, gasoline flowing, engine steadily idling and a fine humming exhaust. It all worked out just fine!

I got to say it was a good day and certainly not the least productive one for the dudes at the PetrolChimp’s Workshop!


Now, we can relax and watch the “SAAB 9-5 – user manual – overview / introduction” YouTuby. Enjoy! 😉

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