Calibrating ACC and fixing fault codes 8 and code 11 (ACC blend / air mixture door)

When your 9-5 OG ACC isn’t changing between the colds or the heats anymore most probably the blend door is stuck or broken. Different faulty parts can be the reason of this malfunctioning. So diagnosing the real problem comes first, certainly before you rush into buying the aluminium shafts (around €200 for both sides).

First diagnose the system by pushing the AUTO and the OFF buttons simultaneously. This will invoke the ACC calibration routine (for more info see which can take up to a minute or so.

So in my case:

Fault code 8 = Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, LH – no mechanical contact with flap (B2495)

Fault code 11 = Stepping motor, air-mixing flap, RH – no mechanical contact with flap (B2295)

So first thing we did was investigate the real problem. Feeling on the left side motor (code 8) and on the right side motor (code 11) i could feel that the motor was running. Also on the right side the metal rod was working fine when adjusted manually. So in my case the problem is somewhere inbetween the rod and the motor, i presumed.

Time to remove the motors and the investigate the internals. Consulting the Platonoff site really helped us out on figuring out what to do, so we took a few steps:

1. Remove the motor from the ACC unit. Please make sure that the calibration cycle has finished so the motor is in it’s neutral positon.

2. Unmount the motor from the housing. Just two little screws makes the motor stick to its housing.

3. Check the shaft. Clearly this shaft has moved too much outwards. Unfortunately not very good noticable on the photo but the internal sprocket is really near the surfacehousing. So it was very obvious that the motor was turning intothin air without hitting the cogwheel. while we turned manually the brass shaft on the housing side you felt virtually no resistence. This is the culprit!

4. Use a press or plyers to re-align the shaft in to the motor. Gently using a plumbers wrench we manage to get the shaft inwards again. Actually i had the skin of my finger inbetween while pressing the first shaft back in, ouch! Strangely enough that didn’t happen on the second motor. Now we need to align the motor to the housing again. I am not sure if it was necessary to have the motor in it’s NULL position but i wouldn’t take the chance. So that’s why we have the motor calibrated to it’s OFF position.

Also you need to make sure to have the other side aligned. So the brass shaft should point into upwards position. See again the extensive documentation on the Platonoff website. We mounted both motor-assemblies again to the main ACC housing. Now it is time to check the ACC calibration codes again.

The calibration routine showed 0 errors so our repair was again a success! After a few months of manual blend rod adjustments my car is finally mixing the coldies and the hotties again. Just perfect!

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