A day at RDW!

Today we dragged the 96’r out for a spin to the RDW located in Zwijndrecht as the SAAB Club Nederland has organised their second inspection event this year.

The day started off with some rain which transformed to an impressive blue sky and the sun shine enriched the day. Just a few blocks before the RDW we met up with a white 96 from 1972, just newly bought by the very enthousiastic owner. She is very happy with her lovely 96 as it is her dream to drive a 96 for daily usage. As they didn’t have a navigation onboard they were relying in the good old information signs along the road. Together we took off to the meeting spot.

Number 17 on the list, so i got some time to walk around, get some multi-vitamin juice and to meet some people. The morning was filled with the joy of classics… 900 OG’s, 96 2-strokers, 96 v4’s and 99’s got a closer look. Later that day also newer editions did enter the stage. Lined up were: 9000’s, 9-3’s and the new generation 9-3’s.

I got in contact with some people regarding our beloved brand. The 99 which is in the left station is the inheritance of the 8-bit dude’s (sporting a red shirt with the oldskool Atari print) grand-dad who was the first owner of this magnificent piece of SAAB culture.

And now it was time for the 1974 – SAAB 96 to shine. At least the headlights are working 😉

The inspection is done by the organiser himself,  let’s all stand up, bow down and show our respect for the indomitable spirit for organising this event. I was deeply honoured to have our 96 inspected by the guru himself.

A missing mudflap didn’t count 🙂

The fluids are inspected and everything is fine. The gearbox-oil is in good shape and enough in the reservoir. The engine oil is hunky dorey too. The clutch and break fluid are in good condition although the level is on min., so i need to fill it up to max. level.

Then the suspension related items are tested and we got compliments for the brake department. We have spend a lot of effort into this section of the car, read more on the topic “Brake-revision-project Saab 96 V4 1974 (many photo’s)” on SAABforum.nl.

It was very interesting to hear from a specialist point of view which items i need to fix in order to get a higher standard on the conservation of this (if i may say so myself) very beautiful SAAB 96 from 1974.

This very thorough inspection is not for the faint hearted. Every inch of your beloved SAAB will be investigated, scratched & scraped and burned down for a close look. 🙂 I like that!

The points of critisism will be follow up by action, i can guarantee you that. First we start on dunkin’ down some Kopparbergs Päron Alkoholfri to start our engines up before the repairs will take place.

The scope of work that need to be done:

  1. Exhaust emission: does not meet the usual levels (no MOT rejection point)
  2. Door hinges: need to be lubricated or in worst case scenario replaced
  3. Door seal: right door seal is not correctly placed
  4. Bonnet closuse pin: needs fastening/securing
  5. Trunk lid: needs adjustment for better closure
  6. Brake fluid: refill to level max.
  7. Clutch fluid: refill to level max.
  8. Seats: refitt the driver and passenger seat as they are not tightly secured
  9. Cooling water pipe: needs the be secured tightly with a clamp
  10. Fuel: leakage at the carburetor (probably the copper pipe is not connected firmly in the carburetor)
  11. Suspension: rear limiter strap need to be replaced
  12. Handbrake needs adjustment.
  13. Indication lights: the lights are slow on responding to the signaler (propably the relay or grounding issue)
  14. Horn: the horn was not working (which is sporadic, need to check the relay or grounding issue)
  15. Instrument panel: the rheostat is not working properly and the lighting is too low (placement of the rheostat and the lights will do the trick)
  16. Oil pressure light: is nog working at the moment. As i see the list it looks like a grounding issue.
  17. headlight wipers: also not working… darn… also this again? I thought we had this fixed, bro’? Grounding issue i think.
  18. headlight washing: this i know already as the grill does not have the proper connections for water squirting.

Furthermore we would like to thank the SCN team very much for organising this event and for the very thorough inspection. I think that all the participants will have the same opinion. Therefor some shots from the non-technical perspective to honour the SCN.

Video: Saab Club Nederland Inspectiedag

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