ACC blower goes crazy…

The ACC blower turn on to the fullest at contact. Also turning the ACC on the OFF position makes the car very windy inside.

Fortunately we have another 9000 at the RSM so i can do some exchange diagnostics and from what i have read on i came to the conclusion that the heater resistor is faulty. After exchanging the MY95 heater resistor with a MY92 unit the ACC was back to normal again. 😉 I must admit that is was darn cold at the RSM: -5° 🙁

Update: 20-12-2010

Today i was happily driving around with a normal working blower again untill i just stalled the car for a couple of minutes in N and took off again. Now the blower went crazy again… AAARRGGGHHH!!!!

I guess i need to do some proper repairs to the heater resistor, as stated on this russian forum post.

Here i start to do the repair on the heater resistor.

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