Alternator, death or alive?

After cruisin’ on the A4 and subsequently on the A9 the Black Beauty thought it was enough for the day. The ANWB tried a temporary fix by squeezing some juice onto the alternator and supplying voltage units to the battery. This kept me going for a good 15 minutes and then the car was as silent as a stranded car alongside de highway, see below.

Shopping list:

  • 2 * 9354770 – Rubber bushing
  • 2 * 7541451 – Rubber bushing
  • 2 * 7511728 / 93185052 – V-belt alternator
  • 1 * 9367020 – V-belt AC
  • 1 * 8339921 – V-belt power steering


29-07-2011: I have successfully replaced the alternator,it’s suspension bushes and the four v-belts. This should keep me going again. It was a hard job as the AC and the LPG installation was kinda tricky to work around but I did it!





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