At dealer’s… Some things we can’t do ourselves

Some jobs require special tools, this case the radio, which I got from a friend, needs to be divorced and married to our car. This Tech2 computer we do not have in our toolbox. Even if we had for some jobs only owning a Tech2 isn’t sufficient as it may require a data connection with Trollhättan. So we went to the dealer!

As the radio still remembers it’s former 9-3 VIN our 9-3 it’s DICE needs to be maintenanced. This procedure requires to Tech II or Tech2 special SAAB tool. The procedure which the technician will perform is simple:

– Secure the old VIN code of the donor car.
– Reprogram the new car’s DICE to the old car’s VIN. This will fool the radio thinking it’s in the old car again.
– Divorce the radio from the old VIN code
– Reprogram the DICE to the original new VIN again.
– Marry the radio again to the new VIN.

Simple procedure but not every SAAB technician knows how to do this. Luckily at the dealer around the corner this job has been done before.


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