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B204 oil pressure drops

This problem is driving me insane! Initially the car, 1999 SAAB 9-3 convertible FSP/HOT (T5, 200HP engine, stage 0), had initially a intermittent blinking oil pressure light. This should be fixable, i thought. Well that seems to be for the … Continue reading

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T5 family car

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A new era… Diesel

Just got myself a 9³ OG 2.2 TiD – 1999.

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SAAB connecting your phone to AUX

The stock audio is certainly the best looking audio system you can get, imho. Audiophiles could opt for a better quality system but my personal preference is the SAAB AS2/AS3 system. While commuting i tend to listen to podcasts on … Continue reading

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B204R overhaul

Parts used — 7500713 Valve stem seals, 16st — Cam transmission 9115205 Cam gear, 2 st 30520419 Lower gear, 1 st 9131145 Chain, 1 st 30518277 Upper rail, 1 st 55557269 Rail, 1 st 55557270 Rail, 1 st 7508690 … Continue reading

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