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After one-and-a-half years of not seeing any classic cars except old 4×4‘s on dirt roads, I was craving the sight, sound and smell of classic cars. While being in Texas, USA for business I found a classic car event nearby; Cars and Coffee™ Dallas, a gathering of auto enthusiasts where hundreds of proud drivers will congregate to kick tires and have a cup of coffee.

After a short drive in the brand new Hyundai rental car, I arrived at the BMW dealership car park. I was expecting to see a lot of muscle cars, probably from all different models and years. Probably the latest Lambo’s, Ferrari’s and other exotic cars and perhaps some European cars as well. Did not really expect to see much Triumphs, let alone a Stag.

So what is the first car I see when entering the parking lot? Yes, a Stag! This really made my day. When chatting to the owner he told me that his car was one of only two Triumph Stags registered in Texas; I was very lucky.

The Stag and some other British beauties:






Of course, the DeLorean DMC-12:IMG_4393 IMG_4394

A very nice De Tomaso Pantera, true mid-engine car.IMG_4399 IMG_4401


Very nice American oldies:IMG_4430 IMG_4403 IMG_4416 IMG_4421


I love these Chevy Camaro’s. You see them all over town and they look bad ass.IMG_4407 IMG_4397

The exotic cars.IMG_4423  IMG_4404

A Tesla Electric car. Quite large and futuristic.IMG_4410

A great day with some very nice and special cars, I needed that.

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  2. David W says:

    How funny. I just came across your site and noticed this post. I live in Dallas Texas. I have a 2007 SAAB 9-3 convertible in Ice Blue and a 1972 MGB I have owned for 32 years. I have not been to the Cars and Coffee, but know of it. Do you get to come over often?

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