Catalytic convertor trouble…

Lately my SAAB 900 2.0i was making an awefull noise when accelerating. The muffler sounded like I was driving a pimped out Honda Civic sporting a Remus 5″ exhaust. By the remarks of the local police authority I needed to fix this, just my thought! So first I needed to investigate the real problem.


Old age comes with a price I noticed. Both flanges are far gone. Especially the one on the catalytic convertor side, the one in the front pipe still had some flesh to go. Unfortunately I didn’t have a spare catalyst in stock but I do have a spare front pipe. So I need to come up with a smart plan as need my car tomorrow again.

First option: buy a catalyst. This is way to much hassle and can not get it fixed today.

Second option: weld other flanges on the current catalyst and front pipe. Also not really feasible due to no material on hand.

Third option: remove the flanges, buy a 58mm clamp and replace the exhaust pipe seal ring. Most feasible and quickest option for a prompt repair of the problem.

So option 3 it will be.


So I bought a Bosal 254-627 clamp and a seal ring (part nr. 8328726) and tried the measurements on the spare exhaust pipe. Should fit tightly!


And it certainly does fit perfectly, I also added some Bosal exhaust cement for better sealing the connection.


The remainings of the repair job! Safe to say that this was a job which should have been done earlier! At least I can drive to work again!


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