Detailing the 900 ‘Black Beauty’

Today the 900 2.0i has been pampered with a Poorboy’s World treathment.

We started out with a manual, using a Valma microfibre washing glove, shampoo and rinsing down with osmose water.

After that we started out with the program:

Clay – Using the Poorboy’s World – Poly – Elastic Clay and the Pinnacle – Clay Lubricant we started out getting the after-shampooing-dirt from the black paint. While spraying the lubricant and using the clay in circular motion we managed to clean up the car. Don’t forget to use a clean cloth to remove the lubricant residu. You can really feel the difference between the non-clayed and clayed finish while rubbing it with your fingers. So this is really worth while to do. Also the reduces the chance of grinding the excessive dirt into the paint on the next stages.

Fifty-fifty spot – The fifty-fifty spot is done to determine the level of polishing for getting the best result. Starting out with the lightest abrasive Poorboy’s World Super Swirl Remover 1 a.k.a. SSR1, moving up to SSR2.5 to remove the years of abuse and ending with SSR3 for the 50/50 test spot. The SSR3 showed us that the wear and tear on this car had to be taken serious, we started to build it up from scratch, literally! 😉

SSR-3 – The SSR3 (abrasive level 80/100) helped us on remover the most of the deep swirls, light swirls and surface scratches. We have used this in the most worn places, usually the hood, roof and the trunk. The sides of the car didn’t need this level of help.

SSR-2.5Applying the SSR2.5 (abrasive level 60/100), using the Dual Action Polisher a.k.a. DAP500 from, to the complete car took a while but the result is clearly noticeable. However there is still a long road to go.

SSR-1 – Buffing on the last stage of the swirl removing using SSR1 (abrasive level 30/100) the effect was really kicking in. The shiny black paint was glorified by touches of the blight sun rays touched leaving a hazeless reflection.

Black hole glaze – On the hood, roof and the trunk we also applied black hole glaze to hide the smallest imperfections and giving a brilliant showroom shine.

Natty’s Paste Wax – As you open the unique Carnauba wax jam you immediately think of jawbreakers. Holding back on licking on the paste we covered the complete car with a very thin layer of wax. Also with this stage you need to buff the car by hand with a clean cloth to remove the excessive paste.

Tyres – To make the car a complete show shiner we applied Wolfgang Black Diamond Tyre Gel which we also purchased at the website. The new Michelin Energy Savers (165/60 R15) tyres did look really sweet again.

Rims – Gollit Nano Plus has been used on the rims to give a good shine. We purchased this goody on the Techno Classica Essen some time ago. The demonstrating sales man was really enjoying the pounding with his marriage ring on the hood of his Mercedes to convince that this Nano Plus is the best product. His effort paid off as we left the scene with some liters of Gollit Nano Plus. 😉



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