Fixing tire of the CRV

So one of the dudes put his Stag and SAAB into hibernation because something with 4×4 was needed in Africa; A Honda CRV. Cannot be compared to the 4×4 power of a Toyota Landcruiser but it gets the job done. Unfortunately it got a flat tire some weeks ago so we were driving on the spare wheel. We went to the local tire repair shop to have the original tire fixed and replaced with the spare wheel.

This is the car with the spare wheel still on. The tire repair crew would repair the hole in the tire. But I had to check their workplace first.

It looks like they have their tire replacement equipment in place. The only thing missing is a machine to balance the wheels. It seems that there is no such machine in the whole of Vilanculos. Luckily we did not need this machine now but when we will get new tires for the car we would have to drive to the next province to get the wheels balanced (not to mention getting the suspension aligned).

They filled the tire with air and dropped it into a pool of water to check for leaks. The hole in the  tire was fixed using these plugs which I happen to have brought with me from Germany:


I asked them to put the repaired wheel on the car and they told me that this is only possible if I would have my own jack. Luckily our car came with a jack, stored under the floor of the trunk.

Need to closely supervise the work done on our car of course.

Ok guys, now tighten the bolts to the correct Nm please.

I think I would need to re-tighten the bolts with the torque wrench built into my elbow.


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3 Responses to Fixing tire of the CRV

  1. Berry says:

    Nice to see that the local repair crew takes their job serious! Here the mechanics would start crying if the protective shoes and clothing is a little dirty.

    The dude in the blackish shirt -> “Protective shoes… nah… now i feel like i am one with the earth and material”

  2. Dick says:

    Ja, laat de vakbond dit niet zien!

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