Heater resistor / fan speed controller repair

In addition to my previous “ACC blower goes crazy” post i started to disassemble the heater resistor in order to have it repaired again.

It has been said that the transistor inside the heater resistor is faulty when the symptons that i experience manifest. Here are the Toshiba 2SD1525 specifications of the dreaded TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Triple Diffused Type (Darlington Power Transistor).

I also found a couple of PDF’s describing the airconditioning electrical diagrams:

Air Conditioning Circuits (1 of 2)

Air Conditioning Circuits (2 of 2)

Update 2011-01-08:

Today i have received the transistors from Little Diode and i have replaced the transistor for the CDE 1995 heater resistor and i will replace the heater resistor in the CDE again.

As i was philosofing on the cause of the problem it could be the fact that the motor is jammed with leaves (as this engine compartment was looking like a autumn day in the park).

Just got back from swapping the heater resistor and it works! I am very happy with the results and now we’ll see how long the transistor will last. 😉

I also have taken the 1992 model apart which doesn’t have the sensor attached to the transistor.


CSE 1992

  • Printed circuit board states: ALPS – ANK971004C
  • Casing states: 4071775 – 287C

CDE 1995

  • Printed circuit board states: ALPS – ANK971004C
  • Casing states: 4632477 – 443C

Update 17-01-2010:

Now the heater resistor is broken again, i think that the blower is the culprit, this sucker needs to be replaced. I know that this job takes some effort. 🙁

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