New Sachs clutch for the 96 v4

After a engine overhaul we decided to put the old clutch back in again. Ouch, that was a big mistake! The car is still slipping on the clutch when the engine warms up.

So we have to cut the knot and install a new Sachs clutch kit. So i ordered one:

Clutch plate: Sachs 1878001537

Clutch pressure plate: Sachs 1882251101

So we removed the engine from the 96 V4 again.So i purchased the standard Sachs clutch from an internet based reseller. Quickly i learned that the friction plate has been assembled on the “wrong” side of the clutch center plate. So on the left the old “4 spring” plate and on the right the new “6 spring” plate. Here you can see that the friction-plate is mounted on the other side of the “6-plate” inner plate, making the rivets stick out more.

This is a default manufacturers production process now, so there are a few options:

– Milling 2 mm of the fly wheel. (Taking care of the problem once and for all).
– Grind the rivets of the clutch plate. (Doesn’t make the rivets stronger and needs to be done for every plate)
– Ignore the problem and wear out the clutch again in a few years. (Beunhaas solution)

I opted for the first; milling the fly wheel. Please note that the inner part is milled out for a 1.5-2 mm only that should be enough. Still the friction area still looks like a worn down mirror, is that a good thing? Don’t think so…


So i decided to also mill out the friction part of the flywheel. Only 0.1 mm has been taken off and smoothened with 0.01 mm offset to make the surface just a little less rough compared to the “anti-rivit” milling. Just take a close look and you will notice the subtle difference.


Having this problem out of the way we can hoist the engine back into it’s bay! Please note that we use a special tool to center the clutch before mouting the pressure group to the fly-wheel. Using this tool allows us to easily line up the parts for installing. Don’t forget to take the tool out again.

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  1. Reed Rector says:

    Thanks for this post! I’m in the process of restoring my ’74 Sonett, so it’s already in pieces – super easy to get the milling work done. Now I won’t have to worry about finding Sachs alternatives.

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