Proclipping the Classics!

Using the Brodit proclip and the iPhone tilt swivel car holder both our classics daily drivers will be a little more up to date.

The cabling will be adapted so we can switch between cd changer and the iPhone audio out, through the iPhone put-through-connector on the base of the car holder. This will enable a clean installation.

Needed items:

– 2 meters audio cable for soldering
– 1 X 6 pin – switch
– 1 X 3.5mm female jack (mountable)

I use an AUX out interface cable to plug into the Brodit device. This cable can be bought on eBay for just a few euro’s.

All the other equipment is made possible by (at least it comes from Sweden)!






Update 2011-09-25: Soldering the cables… so i can switch between iPhone audio out and the Blaupunkt CDC CD changer:

Blaupunkt ISO connectors

Blaupunkt ISO connectors




Update: 2013-01-12: Upgraded to Apple Lightning connectivity


Recently my iPhone got replaced for the one sporting the Lightning connector. At first this was a little disappointing as the current audio solution was really satisfying my needs. This connector is actually only passing digital information on to the accessories. So when you have, for example in my case an analogue audio input in your car audio, this connector doesn’t really help out.

That’s what i thought!

After some investigation i found out that the original “Apple Lightning converter” and the “Apple Lightning converter cable” actually contains a digital-analogue-converter into the 30-pin connector, unlike the fake cables/connectors (stay away from the remake/fake ones and spend some ca$h, it’s worth it!).  Actually the Apple Converter and the Apple Converter Cable do have the capability to transform the digital audio in to analogue audio as the 30-pin side of the cable contains a DAC processor. This enables you to play audio/navigation voices from your iPhone to analogue audio input on your car audio while getting your. At least it works in my car!




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