Replacement of the automatic gearbox

Today i have made a very good deal with a fellow member and the result is that i now have a replacement automatic tranny, which has served around 250.000 km, for my 9000 CSE, read more here. So the plan is to replace the gearbox as one single item, which should be do-able i have been told.

Adjusting the brake belt

SAAB 9000 CSE 2.3T stall test

I will also replace the following items on the 250.000km gearbox:

In stock:

To acquire:

  • 9000 - 94'-98' Manual & All Automatic models 85'-98' Gearbox mounting bush
  • 9000 85'-98' all models Link Rod Kit (LH/RH)- Alternative
  • 1 litre Saab Automatic transmission fluid up to 2001
  • 9000 92'-98' (with Aircon) - Cabin air filter

Update 2011-01-11:

We have removed the sub-frame from the car and removed the left drive-shaft from the gearbox. This was enough for one night… next time hopefully more progress! 😉

The broken gearbox tells me: ZF 4HP-18 | 0172785 | 1050 000 146 | GA74310

The replacement gearbox states: ZF 4HP-18 | 0138185 | 1050 000 116 | GA74306

Update 2011-01-17:

Today we managed to divorce the gearbox from the engine. This was a fairy easy job using a jack and some studs. The idea is to block the torque converter from coming off the transmission. So in the inspection hole on top off the gear box, just about the ZF number plate, we inserted a piece of flat metal to force the torque converter to come off too.

During this exercise a very loud car alarm (VW Golf) was waking up the complete ‘hood and annoying us. Over an hour later some security officers checked out the vicinity and came to us to tell that they had a hardon from looking at the cars around our workshop.

We told them that we were busy stealing a automatic transmission and this wasn’t an easy job and off they went again. Anyway… good service!

Next up is to clean up the replacement gearbox and mount a new yellow powerflex gearbox mount, just like the upper engine mounts which are already yellow.

Here some pictures:

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4 Responses to Replacement of the automatic gearbox

  1. William van Loon (AcidStyle) says:

    Hey there,

    Nice to see you guys made it back, hopefully all will go well with the replacing the box.
    I’ll follow your progress here on the blog and on the forum.

    Good luck and I’ll pour myself a nice glass of William Lawson 😉



  2. John says:

    Hello guys, I see how u guys did it, and I got question. On the My 1998 9000 cse yesterday broken transmission. I don’t have forvard gear. Only revers. and I found the other one. But that tranny is seller says only fits 94-95 saabs. The quetion is ” this is the true”
    Thank you guys.

    • Berry says:

      That might be the case as many different transmissions are used over the years, please check the part numbers for exchange.

  3. Gearbox replacement says:

    Your idea is good about the replacement techniques for the gearboxes ,with automatic transimisson gives a good speed.thanks for pictures and for the blog.

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