Replacing the window scrapers

As window scrapers (dutch keyword: raamsnor) have a tendency to malfunction over a extended period of timeby giving the possibility for the clips to (in)directly scratch the windows I decided to replace them. There is a guy who grinded the clips to prevent this scratching, see: Trimming the Window Clip to Prevent Window Scratching.

Unfortunately the window scrapers which i ordered at a fellow member are conceptually different from the originals. Let me show you the difference:

old (left) versus new (right):

The clip-protection flap (which is show holding a small screw driver) is clearly not present on the new window scraper:

Here you can clearly see that the metalen guider inside the windows scraper has been eaten away by the rust devil. This oxidation process makes the inside of the window scraper to bulge and start to make a pressure point on the window. The dirt that becomes between the expanded window scraper and the window created the scratches in my window.


Here you can see that the test of time certainly misshaped the old scraper.

After this fiasco i did a little study on the types and forms of the different models/suppliers arround. Skandix does supply for a fair retail price (€25) windows scrapers which have this protection flap, as seen here:

Abstreifleiste, Seitenscheibe für alle Türen außen

Skandix window scraper

Update 30-June-2011:


Today i have received the window scrapers from Skandix and i am very much pleasantly surprised by the quality. Please note that the flap is present on this scraper. I also got some spare clips too. Skandix never neglects on sending your tiny items in huge oversized boxes. 🙂 better safe than sorry!




Installing the scrapers is plain simple. There is no need to cut them to the right length as they match perfectly, the way it should be. Just a little spit to lube the scraper into the clips, job done in five minutes!



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