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SAAB connecting your phone to AUX

The stock audio is certainly the best looking audio system you can get, imho. Audiophiles could opt for a better quality system but my personal preference is the SAAB AS2/AS3 system. While commuting i tend to listen to podcasts on … Continue reading

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Ground loop isolator stopped the engine whine

Just installed a PAC SNI-1/3.5 ground loop isolator in addition to my audio install. Very much to my surprise the engine whine is totally eradicated by this small device.

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At dealer’s… Some things we can’t do ourselves

Some jobs require special tools, this case the radio, which I got from a friend, needs to be divorced and married to our car. This Tech2 computer we do not have in our toolbox. Even if we had for some … Continue reading

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Proclipping the Classics!

Using the Brodit proclip and the iPhone tilt swivel car holder both our classics daily drivers will be a little more up to date. The cabling will be adapted so we can switch between cd changer and the iPhone audio … Continue reading

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