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Calibrating ACC and fixing fault codes 8 and code 11 (ACC blend / air mixture door)

When your 9-5 OG ACC isn’t changing between the colds or the heats anymore most probably the blend door is stuck or broken. Different faulty parts can be the reason of this malfunctioning. So diagnosing the real problem comes first, … Continue reading

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Replacement if the 9-3 start motor.

Recently the 9-3 had a very squeaking noise when starting the engine. People started the frown and make ugly faces while the key was turned to ignite. So this was definitely time for a engine starter overhaul. I am not … Continue reading

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Heater resistor / fan speed controller repair

In addition to my previous “ACC blower goes crazy” post i started to disassemble the heater resistor in order to have it repaired again. It has been said that the transistor inside the heater resistor is faulty when the symptons … Continue reading

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ACC blower goes crazy…

The ACC blower turn on to the fullest at contact. Also turning the ACC on the OFF position makes the car very windy inside. Fortunately we have another 9000 at the RSM so i can do some exchange diagnostics and … Continue reading

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