Too cold to klus!

I still have some little jobs (klusjes) to be done on our latest addition, a 9³. The outside temperature isn’t really tempting me to work in the open air garage. So I will wait for a little while.




Never mind the date on the SID, coming monday the original SAAB CD player will be hooked into the system, using the reprogramming the DICE trick (the old radio isn’t divorced from it’s original car). After that the SID will show the correct date i presume. Today date is 4 February 2012 and it is freezing cold!



Before driving yesterday (3 February 2012) along the A4 the snow storm had hit our little country. We had to experience a total of more that 650 kilometers of traffic jams. After hearing this i just went on the 2 hour/50km tourist and scenery route.

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