Which nut locks the wheels?

Which nut locks the wheel bolts? After 15 years the chances are very slim to find the key again.

The problem arose to us when we bought another SAAB 9000, this time a CDE. The front disc brakes where almost worn out to the metal and as I had a set of discs and pads waiting for another SAAB to serve, I decided to mount those onto the 9000CDE.

Happily i started to remove the rim caps from the long spoke rims and I noticed that the some idiot has used anti theft/preventive measurements on this car.

Wheel lock

Wheel lock

After a vast amount of long hours chiselling on the bolts I managed to remove three out of four. The last bugger was still holding the wheel tight to the disc. What a bummer!

I was already fed up with this and then i had a Eureka! moment and i gave Mulano BV a call. He had already helped me out on the 9000CSE by welding the shockabsorber mount on the rear. So i asked him to remove the bolt by welding a socket onto the bugger. Within minutes the bolt slid gently from the wheel and i was happy again! “Free Wheely!”

Wheel lock welded

Wheel lock welded

Now i have replaced the front brake discs and pads. I have used a set which came of the 9000 CSE which where still in very good shape.

With the help of Wouter i have refurbished the discs and mounted them onto the 9000 CDE. The breaking is on now…;-)

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